News, Notes & Quotes - Aug. 24

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday August 24, 2016

*Days until Cal vs. Hawaii in Australia: 3

- Quote of the night from Hard Knocks was an angry Gregg Williams. After getting on the Rams defense in a team meeting, Williams said:

“You’re saying, ‘There it is. Gregg’s being a dick again.’ No, I’m f****** trying to figure out how I can f****** help you make this team. We haven’t said it in the room yet evidently, the 100th time. We’ve said it 99 times, but the 100th time, we’re going to get it, because all the colleges in the country and all your moms and dads, nobody’s supposed to holler at you guys anymore.

“People that enabled you your whole life, they’re disabling you for your future. When you don’t do what you’re told to do, you get fired at other jobs. You’ll get fired here, too.”

- Paul Johnson is treating the Week 1 trip to Ireland almost like a regular road game travel.

He’ll give the Yellow Jackets this coming weekend off, and then, “Polish up on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and get on the plane. Hopefully they sleep. We’ll get there Thursday, work out and play. Both teams have to do the same thing.”

It’s a five-hour time difference for both GT and Boston College.

- Houston’s emphasis on taking care of the ball continues in the film room, both negative and positive.

“Anytime we see a guy on film carrying the ball not to our standard, we’re going to point it out and make sure his teammates know and can correct it within the team,” Tom Herman told the Houston Chronicle. “But there’s positive reinforcement, too. Any time we see a guy that’s got unbelievable ball security with his elbow locked, ball up at his chin, he might be in traffic covering it up with his second hand, we’re going to put that up, too. And underneath, it say, ‘Championship Ball Security.’

“You do things right around here, you get treated right. You do things wrong, you’re going to get called out on it.”

Houston tied for 39th nationally with 7 lost fumbles last season.

- Michigan State opens with Furman, followed by a bye and a trip to Notre Dame. It’s not ideal, but Dantonio says he’ll deal with it. It won't be a typical week off like a mid-year bye.

“We’re going to find out. It’s probably the earliest we’ve had a bye, but if you’ve got some guys nicked up, maybe it helps you,” he told SiriusXM College Sports Nation. “We’ll see how we come out of Week 1 and this week of practice. It also gives us the opportunity to get ready for Notre Dame. We’ll use it. I’ve never tried to say one way or the other. These are the hands that have been dealt. Play that hand and make the best of it.”

- First-year Kentucky offensive coordinator Eddie Gran plans to go over his QB’s favorite plays a few days before games. It helps him pick a call in a big moment.

“We’ll talk before the week is up and say, ‘Hey, what do you love?’” Gran said Tuesday. “A lot of times I’ll text him on Thursday night and say, ‘Give me your top 10.’ Then that way, I know when the crud is hitting the fan, I know what he feels comfortable with.”

- Les Miles says tight ends coach Steve Ensminger lost his house in the Baton Rouge floods.

“Coach Ensimnger lost everything, lost his house and they’re re-buying things,” Miles said on The Rich Eisen Show. "There were four or five families of kids of ours that lost their homes. Frankly, you wonder, maybe we should just go find your mom, but you could get someplace, and the level of water change and you can’t get back out.”

But Miles said the team believes football can lift the spirits. “They’ve said to themselves, the one thing we can do is play football and see if we can be excellent on Saturdays as we move forward, and if we do that, that might be enough.”

- While most teams worked on football in the summer, Navy had to prepare for the military. Here’s a look at the Navy team’s summer.

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