News, Notes & Quotes - April 20

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday April 20, 2017

- Indiana has a new policy banning incoming athletes with a history of sexual or domestic violence.

Athletic director Fred Glass was behind the policy and pointed to the similar SEC transfer ban for such players. This policy includes transfers, incoming freshmen or other status.

“I think it’s new ground,” Glass told The Indianapolis Star. “My hope is that we’re leading in this area, and maybe others will follow with, maybe not the exact same policy, but one that fits their particular institutions.”

- Ken Niumatalolo put in context just how different a service academy is.

With spring practice over, players aren’t doing their own conditioning or relaxing. They’re in the pool working on their swim test for the Navy.

“I know there’s no other team in the country that is working on their backstroke right now,” he said on the AAC coaches teleconference, “but it’s part of who we are.”

- Kalani Sitake had a good line when describing coaching, comparing it to picking up trash.

"You see a piece of trash on the floor, you have options,” he told The Salt Lake Tribune. “You can call a custodian to come clean it up. You can pick it up yourself and make sure everybody knows you picked it up.

“Or you can just quietly pick it up. What's the best way to keep the building clean? Just do what should be done and go on your way."

- As a Group of Five school, East Carolina head coach Scottie Montgomery hopes early signing will affect early offers.

Is an offer “committable?” Maybe we’ll find out.

“I think it makes everybody show their cards a little bit earlier than they are now,” Montgomery said on the AAC coaches teleconference. “I’m not sure certain kids understand if they’re offered or if they’re not offered, and it clouds the mind just a little bit, especially into September, October, November. You’ve got kids taking visits to places that they do not truly have an offer from.”

- Bill Snyder’s recruiting strategy keys on four points.

Few coaches get more out of their players, and wrote about Snyder’s philosophy. The four keys are:

- They hail from remote small towns

- They don't go to the combine camps put on by recruiting services

- They're lacking in a measurable, such as wingspan or 40 time

- They've yet to peak in football because they’ve played other sports

"Other schools don't spend so much time with them. And yet my thinking was, they could be every bit as good,” he said. “So in the early years, we directed our attention to that level of player."

- Tom Herman is not happy about early official visits into May and June.

The SEC had proposed to limit it to April. Instead, beginning next year, it will last from April 1 though the Sunday before the last Wednesday in June.

“Now you’re dipping into our assistant coaches’ quality of life and their well-being, so to speak,” he said on SiriusXM College Sports Nation. “Last year I had eight Saturdays off and like 14 Sundays in a 365-day year. We usually start our summer vacation the week after Father’s Day. That’s time for our coaches to get away with their families and go be real dads and real husbands for a couple weeks. Now you’re telling me I’ve got to recruit and host recruits all the way through the end of June? When do these coaches actually get to take him off of work? Two weeks in the beginning of July and that’s it.”

It’s worth noting the visits are optional, just as satellite camps are. But when someone else is doing it, coaches feel pressured to do it, too.

“Our guys are literally getting no break from the end of their summer weight training to training camp, and then oh by the way, they’re also in summer school and that goes until August 12,” he said, “so they’ll be in summer school for a good 14-to-15 days of training camp.”

- Vanderbilt players put together a mock sorority welcome video, and it’s hilarious.

If you’ve seen one of those sorority videos, this is spot on.

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