News, Notes & Quotes - April 19

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday April 19, 2017

- Kirby Smart continues to batten down the hatches from media.

Local reporters said Tuesday that non-contact jerseys and practice injuries in front of media can’t be reported on until Kirby Smart addresses them. Georgia isn’t the only program with such a policy, but Smart continues to wall off parts of the media — a big change from the Mark Richt days.

As USA Today’s Dan Wolken put it: “Georgia football was one of the top media-friendly programs under Richt. Because fans view correlation as causation, Kirby can do what he wants.”

And if, like Nick Saban, Smart wins big at Georgia, the people who matter to the program (fans), will have no problem with it.

- Pat Mahomes is looking to change the perception about Air Raid quarterbacks in the NFL.

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Mahomes said he did a lot more in Kliff Kingsbury’s offense than people might think.

"The things I did that were easily transferable — the coaches would call the play into me, I had to signal to the receivers, and tell the linemen and running backs what the protection was. So, I had a lot on me to do that stuff, plus I had the freedom to change the play. So, those two things are things that NFL quarterbacks already do; to see if this play works against this coverage. Is it the coverage we wanted, and what does it look like pre-snap?"

And in case you were curious about his ability to spit out a play-call, he was asked the most difficult call at Texas Tech. The response:

"Probably 'Green Rug Rock Pop 2 East Bill Log 95 Z Post B Will." Pop is play action, and the formation is Green Rug Rock — that's the backs behind me. Rug means that the B back is on the line of scrimmage. We have our 'Y' receiver in the game, and our 'Z' receiver, and the H-back is out (away from the formation). 'Pop 2 East Bill Log' means that we're going to fake our outside zone to the right, with the B-back blocking in front. We're going to fake that. 'Log' means the backside tackle is going to lock on the (backside defensive) end, and '95' is our concept of the play.

“We tag a Z post, and for the B-back, we tag a 'Will.'"

- New Dallas Stars head coach Ken Hitchcock shared some coaching advice in a Twitter Q&A.

Hitchcock led the Stars from 1995-2002, winning a Stanley Cup in 1999. Now 65 years old and three coaching stops later, he’s back, and here was some advice:

On how to move up in coaching: “Don't worry about finding the next level, the next level will find you if you do a good enough job.”

On the toughest part of coaching: “Getting players to do exactly what they don't want to do and find value in doing it."

On if he imagined where he’d go in his career: “No. I've always liked where I was at, at that particular time. I've never searched out anything.”

- Which states have the highest percentage of high school players recruited to Division I? The NCAA provided this map.

Florida (9.9%), Georgia (8.6%), Louisiana (8.1%) and… Washington D.C. (7.2%) lead the way.

This is percentage, not total. California ia 3.5 percent, and Texas is 2.7 percent.

- Former USC staffer Yogi Roth learned a lesson from Pete Carroll at a young age.

In a piece for the Huffington Post, Roth recounted meeting Carroll during spring break in California when he was a Pitt player. Roth was friends with Carroll’s son, and didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. When he told Carroll he just wanted to impact the world in a cool way, Carroll responded with his:

“Then all you need to do, Yogi, is create value,” Carroll said. “Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Don’t worry about climbing a ladder of success rung by rung. Just create value in everything you do. Once you commit to that approach you’ll start to leapfrog the competition.”

- Here is Miami (OH) head coach Chuck Martin mic’d up at spring practice.

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