News, Notes & Quotes - April 17

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday April 17, 2017

- Ohio State’s spring game began as no-tackle thud for a period of time.

When Urban Meyer has a veteran team, he cuts back on spring reps, such as the 2,000-rep club, and that can involve less tackling. They have 15 starters coming back.

“We've done that before,” Meyer said. “After the 2014 season, we had a veteran group come back. It's either you don't play some guys, or you kind of restrict the tackling and keep guys up. And I wanted them to experience the crowd and play and finish a good spring.

“So we did, I think, three series with the 1s, two series with the 2s. And we call that thud tempo just to keep everybody up. And then we let the guys that don't play much scrimmage.”

- Chad Morris wants the high school coach to be the primary go-to in a recruiting relationship.

In an interview with FNF Coaches, Morris was asked how recruiting has changed and how high school coaches can help.

“I think the No. 1 thing, to be honest, is just be straight,” he said. “Take pride in that. Be honest about your players. It’s all about working together. Have them demand to the college coach that they work through the high school coach. What’s happening now is we deal with handlers, people who go around the high school coach to get to the player and his parents. As a high school coach, I never wanted that to happen. It all had to go through me or my assistant.

- Dana Holgorsen told some former West Virginia players to get in the spring game late. Why?

“I was bored,” he said. “Were you all bored? I got bored there in the fourth quarter. I’m sitting there looking at the sidelines going, ‘He’s made a whole bunch of plays, he’s made a whole bunch of plays, he’s made a whole bunch of plays ... they’ve never played together.’

“So I said, Jake (Spavital), get those guys together and put them out there.’ … That was fun, Geno (Smith) came to the sideline he goes, “Man,  I knew (Shelton Gibson) could run, but I didn’t know he could run that fast.” And he didn’t even stretch. No, it’s fun. Like I said, those guys mean a lot to me and the program, and I love having those guys back. They rub off on a lot of the younger guys. A lot of those guys in the locker room, I had Geno break it down. He broke it down. I mean 90 percent of that team doesn’t know Geno — never seen him before — so it’s good to have those guys back.”

- Rapper, Miami-area high school coach and Canes fan Luther Campbell says the best staff in the state of Florida is… FAU?

Campbell wrote a column for the Miami New Times and hyped up Lane Kiffin. Campbell’s opinion isn’t the most important, but it’s a local take, and he apparently has turned his support from the Hurricanes.

“The best college football coaching staff in Florida has just set up camp in Boca Raton, and that should concern University of Miami Hurricanes fans,” Campbell wrote. “Florida Atlantic University's new head coach, Lane Kiffin, has brought in top-tier assistants who put the Owls on the ESPN highlight reel.”

Campbell added, “UM head coach Mark Richt better keep an eye on his rival 51 miles north of Coral Gables. If Richt doesn’t win an ACC title, don’t be surprised to see Kiffin replace him.”

In case you were wondering, Richt currently has the nation's No. 1-ranked recruiting class for 2018.

- In a very cool scene, for the final play of Ohio State’s spring game, the ball was handed off to a wheelchair-bound 17-year-old who has been around the program for a few years.

The idea came from the veteran Buckeyes.

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