News, Notes & Quotes - April 12

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday April 12, 2017

- Plenty of programs use urine color hydration charts, but Tom Herman’s Texas staff sure makes it personal.

The three lightest colors are “Championship level,” followed by “Selfish teammate,” “Blatant disregard for your teammates, you are headed for Area 51” and “You are a bad guy!!!”

- Chip Kelly’s latest stop this spring is Navy.

Kelly visited New Mexico last week. He plans to visit several colleges and then NFL teams, just to learn more, since he has free time without a job. New Mexico and Navy both have option offenses in common. Kelly used to visit Navy when he was the Eagles coach.

“Obviously one of the best coaches in the game,” Ken Niumatalolo said. “For us to have an opportunity to be around him, learn from him, we’re just trying to soak in as much as we can.”

- Eddie Gran publicly called out his Kentucky offense over the weekend, but he says they responded.

After a scrimmage, he said they were “awful” and “an absolute joke.” Tuesday, it was different.

“Better Kool-Aid. A lot better,” he said. “They came out and they competed all day long. It was really good on both sides in terms of the competition. That’s when you know you’re getting better, so I was really excited. I really didn’t know that’s how they were going to react and respond, so it was really good.”

He added, “I think the guys we expected. There was some other young guys that I’m not gonna talk about right now, but I heard some stuff, and some enthusiasm and some encouragement that I hadn’t been hearing. They got the message. It was all good.”

- Another lesson for recruits, Iowa State cornerbacks coach D.K. McDonald tweeted this on Tuesday:

“Recruits: We just rejected a recruit due to his tweet. Reminder don't cuss, use the N-Word, middle finger or disrespect women on twitter!!!”

Every little thing matters.

- How much does wide receiver blocking mean to Urban Meyer? He still talks about a block against Alabama.

It was a crackback block by Even Spancer that sprung Ezekiel Elliott for his long touchdown run in the 2014 Playoff game, and Meyer doesn’t want any Buckeye receiver to forget.

"Coach Meyer doesn't let that one go because it's the standard," senior receiver Terry McLaurin said, per Eleven Warriors. “Evan, what he did on that play, we're going to keep playing it and playing it until everyone can do it at that level."

McLaurin added, "We do stalk drill every single day. If you can't stalk or you can't block here, there's a good chance you won't play receiver."

- The tape will tell you how bad a bad play actually was. Mark Richt was encouraged by the bad plays in Miami’s scrimmage.

“Offensively, very few times did we have a situation where the play didn’t have a good chance of success,” he said. “A lot of times, if you get a minus-2 yards on a run, you might think that’s the worst thing that ever happened. Then you watch tape, and you see everybody did their job but you got a little double team up to a linebacker, and both guys go to the linebacker and the let the guy go. Everything else blocked beautifully, and if they just stayed on the double team a half-a-second longer, we’re ripping through there for a good 15- or 20-yard gain.

“That’s promising, when you see that on tape. When you see three guys, four guys messing up, you’re like, ‘Oh my goodness. We have no clue what we’re doing.’ That’s the scary day. Most of it was… one or two guys, offensively.”

- Check out new Baylor tight ends coach Joey McGuire mic’d up at practice.

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