Mississippi State will require financial education class for COA expense money

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday June 08, 2015

College athletes will have extra money beginning this fall with the new cost-of-attendance scholarships, but Mississippi State will require its athletes to take part in an online financial education class in order to get their miscellaneous expense portion.

Athletic director Scott Stricklin explained the idea to radio host and author Chadd Scott over Twitter. The athletes will participate in a program designed by financial author Dave Ramsey.

Stricklin also talked about it on the school’s official blog, saying, “Everything we do is about enhancing the experience for our students and making sure they have the best academic experience possible, the best athletic experience possible and then a healthy, well-rounded social life.”

As athlete compensation continues to be a public debate, optional cost of attendance is a step forward in compensating athletes for their value to the university. Depending on the school, athletes will be receiving up to thousands of extra dollars per year.

This will be the first time college athletes will have this extra expense money provided by the school, and Mississippi State is taking a proactive approach to making sure its players get the most out of the new system.

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