Mark Stoops: Until we grow up, we're going to look like the same bunch of crap

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday September 22, 2016

Mark Stoops is in year four at Kentucky, and he’s still calling out his players because he doesn't think they're tough enough.

Stoops has gotten more involved with the defense in the past week, but they still allowed 42 points to New Mexico State last week. The Wildcats are No. 122 in scoring D, and Stoops lit into his team again on Wednesday.

“I thought we practiced the way we should practice yesterday, and I thought we absolutely regressed today, and that’s our problem. That’s our problem,” he said. “Until we get it changed, we’re going to have the same darn results that we have in that stadium, which is bull crap. So until we grow up and get a mentality about us and have some guys step up and get tougher, then we’re going to look like the same bunch of crap.

“Some guys need to grow up in a hurry. We have no idea what it takes to have concentration, from the beginning of the week through the end and through a whole game and so on. You get the picture? We’re not real tough, we’re not real smart and we’ve got a long way to go."

Stoops is on his third offensive coordinator in as many years, but defense is supposed to be his specialty. After two straight 5-7 seasons, UK is 1-2 this year, including a loss to former OC Shannon Dawson and Southern Miss in Week 1.

“I got after them a little bit. I’m not pleased. I’m just, you know, it’s frustrating,” Stoops said. “We try to teach, try to coach, try to educate, and sometimes all that don’t work. The truth is the truth. If we’re so fragile we can’t handle the truth, we’re not going to win very many games. I told them the truth today.”

Asked if they got the message, Stoops replied, “We’ll see. There was no discussion.”

Kentucky hosts South Carolina on Saturday night on the SEC Network.

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