Mark Richt: 'The more we do this drill, the more I see how much we need it'

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday February 20, 2017

Mark Richt loves him some mat drill.

Most teams are in the thick of winter workouts right now, and Richt updated the state of his team in an interview on WQAM recently. Asked about mat drills, Richt opened up on why he loves it so much.

The mat drill include three stations, which have different drills within each, including three-cone shuttle, ladder drills, getting low, form running, sprinting and more. And much of the work is done on a wrestling mat.

“After an hour and 15 minutes start to finish, we’re done,” Richt said. “It just teaches how to get in a football position. It teaches mental and physical toughness. It teaches you how to not quit when things go wrong. It teaches you that everybody’s got to do it right, or everybody pays a price. It teaches quickness, agility.

You find out who your leaders are. You find out who’s going to quit. It’s good stuff. I always tell the staff, the older I get and the more we do this, the more I see how much we need it. It’s good stuff. Guys are fighting their tails off. We’re getting better.”

Here’s Miami going through the mat drill recently:

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