Mack Brown explains why Texas will be an improved football team in 2013

Posted by: Pete Roussel on Thursday August 15, 2013

Is this a breakthrough season for the Texas Longhorns?

Mack Brown believes his team will be improved from a year ago and ‘everything is at a better place now than it was 3 years ago.’

At Thursday’s press conference, Brown said, “I know the defensive coaches, defensive players, and I feel so much more comfortable against the chaos of tempo offense than we did this time last year.  I think our linebackers have come the furthest.  We have so much more depth there right now.  There are more people in the secondary that have a chance to play.  There’s probably seven right now, and you need five a lot in this league, so that’s an improvement.

“The tight ends are in a better place than this time last year with more balance between the run and the pass.  The kicking game is more experienced than it was this time last year.  We had great speed on our kick return teams last year, but we’ll continue to have that this year.  Offensive line is older, should be more depth there.  We forget when Stacy Searels came in here three years ago he had 7 scholarship players in the spring.  Now he can have 8-10 guys that he feels he can play in a ball game, so all of those things are better.”

It wasn’t too long ago when the Longhorns finished 5-7 in 2010.

Brown said,” 2010 wasn’t fun in any way.  Then you had coaches you had to teach and learn from.  With all the new guys coming in and new strength program, we really had an upheaval of everything.  Things are (now) smooth, moving forward, and really fun.”

2013 brings new hope.

Brown said, “The people of Texas, our fans, are really important to me.  I committed to some young coaches three years ago.  I told them we were going to make this thing work.   So it’s been a fun challenge for me to get us back to where we’re competitive.  I’ve really enjoyed this.  You’d rather win all the games, but you’d rather win them because you’ve earned the right to get there.  We’ve been working really hard day and night to do it from the recruiting hires to the analyst hires to our coaches fighting so hard in recruiting.  I think everything is at a better place now than it was 3 years ago and I’m proud of that.

The Longhorns open the season with three non-conference games against New Mexico State, at BYU, and Ole Miss.

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