Mack Brown explains in-depth his decision to change defensive coordinators

Posted by: Pete Roussel on Monday September 09, 2013

Today, Mack Brown explained in-depth his decision to dismiss defensive coordinator Manny Diaz.

New defensive coordinator Greg Robinson will earn $250,000 on a one-year contract.

Brown said during his weekly Monday press conference, “The decision to change defensive coordinators was based on our lack of ability to stop the run, period. We had that problem at times last year.  I thought we had straightened that out at the end of last season, especially in the Oregon State game, our guys did a great job, but Saturday night was unacceptable.

“Excited about Greg Robinson coming back in as a season veteran with three Rose Bowl rings and a Super Bowl ring. It’s not like bringing a guy from the outside in.  Greg has worked with Duane Akina (defensive backs coach) before.  Tying the front to the back end is so key when you talk about defensive schemes. 

“He’s a guy that’s watched every practice with a video that we send him every day and he was a self-evaluator for us.  He will have the best chance to step up and help us fix it.  When we had Greg before, he was sound, he was simple.  He’s a great football coach.  The guys played really, really hard for him and they knew what to do.

“He’s in a tough spot.  He likes Manny.  He and Manny have had some great conversations over the last month.  He was very helping.  He didn’t want Manny’s job, that’s not the kind of person Greg is.  I made the decision (to dismiss Manny) before I asked Greg.”

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“Manny is great.  He’s one of the best young people I’ve ever been around.  He’s a tremendous coach.  For whatever reason, it wasn’t working.  He understood.  He’s for Texas.  He knew Saturday night it didn’t work.  I think he anticipated us moving in another direction even after the game and tried to help Greg Robinson get started last night.  Manny’s great.  He cares about Texas.  He cares about what’s right and we want to wish him well and help him any way we can in his future.

“I made some hard decision last year to decide whether to keep the defensive staff intact or not.  I made the decision based on the improvement they made at the end of last year.  They knew there was a short leash.  They knew they had to pick it up.  After Saturday night, I wasn’t going to let what happened last year continue this year."

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“I brought Greg in to help everything, but I sure didn’t bring him in the look over Manny’s shoulder or the defensive staff’s shoulder and plan on Manny not being here and hiring Greg.  That was not part of the deal at all.  I thought our defense would be much improved and that Manny would be great.

“I thought our schemes have been good, we just need to execute them better.  We’ve been very inconsistent.”

Texas hosts Ole Miss on Saturday night.

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