Kerry Coombs: 'Few programs recruit as hard or often as we do'

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday September 02, 2013

Urban Meyer values recruiting almost more than anything in football, and cornerbacks coach / special teams coordinator Kerry Coombs has been a big part of that since Meyer came to Ohio State.

Meyer hired Coombs from Cincinnati, and Coombs admitted that he had to change his style of recruiting when he made it to Columbus — not that it was a bad thing.

“I think recruiting is a 365‑day process at Ohio State,” he said. “There's not a day that goes by that we don't talk about, focus on and participate in some recruiting active ties here. I won't say it's unique, but I would say there are very few programs anywhere that recruit as hard or as often as we do. I've learned a great deal both strategically and organizationally about recruiting.

“I would say that, because this is a national program, the balance of your recruiting changes a little bit from what I had done in the past. Kids are still kids. Communication is still communication. There's just more of them and certainly more time spent on it here.”

Coombs has brought in his fair share of highly-rated recruits since joining the staff, but he explained he’s always learning how to do better, both from Ohio State coaches and opposing coaches.

“I'm learning every day. I think that I'm recruiting with a bunch of really, really good recruiters.  So I'll ask (offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach) Tom Herman or (defensive line coach) Mike Vrabel or running backs / assistant head coach) Stan Drayton or any of those guys, and we share information freely and willingly, and I think that's what a team of guys does. If they got a kid who is a really good player and they have, ‘What did you do? What worked?’ I asked guys all the time what works in recruiting. 

“When I go into a high school, I ask the high school coaches, ‘What is this guy doing on this staff? What's a difference‑maker for him?’ I'm trying to learn all the time and I frankly think our head coach is one of the best recruiters that I've ever seen anywhere and he is constantly a source of information for us.” 

Below is part of Meyer's weekly press conference. 

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