Jon Gruden defines LOMM, and why quarterbacks need it

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Sunday April 16, 2017

Jon Gruden wants a quarterback who commands the huddle. With former Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer on his QB Camp show, Gruden explained LOMM.

Large Open Moving Mouth.

Gruden used Phillip Rivers as an example and said commanding a huddle is all about vibe, tone and details.

“Rivers is great. He speaks with a large, open, moving mouth,” Gruden said. “You don’t get in the huddle and just (whisper) trips right tight zebra left 200 jet Y stick X Omaha on one.’ You’re DeShone Kizer, man. From Notre Dame. Joe Theismann, Joe Montana, Kizer.”

So Gruden started yelling what he wants to hear.

“‘Hey! Get in the huddle, men. Let’s go! Knock their hands down. Be aggressive. Let’s go. Let’s get something going. Trips right tight zebra left 200 jet’ whatever the hell it is. I want to feel you. I want to feel your presence. You set the tone when you get in there.”

Gruden also taught Kizer about NFL snap calls, moving away from “Ready, set, go” at Notre Dame to number / color.

Here’s Kizer working with Gruden on the field.

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