Jon Gruden comments on reports he's interested in Rams job

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday December 21, 2016

It wouldn’t be a coaching carousel season without some Jon Gruden talk, right?

Gruden said Wednesday he has no intentions of coaching right now, but there’s a qualifier in that statement with “right now.”

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson wrote earlier this week, “Multiple sources said Gruden would be inclined to listen if the Rams were willing to grant him full personnel authority. One source said such a concession would be a ‘must’ for Gruden to even consider taking a meeting with franchise leadership in the coming days. The Rams will consider granting personnel authority to at least some of the candidates in their search and that Gruden is among that group, a source told Yahoo Sports.”

Robinson also notes some Rams officials worked with Gruden in Tampa. Gruden joined Mike & Mike on Wednesday and was asked about the Rams job.

“I love football. I’ve said that a million times,” he said. “I’m very happy doing what I’m doing. My full attention and focus is on the Cowboys and Lions. I can’t wait for our final Monday Night game. There’s a lot of chips on the table. Right now, I have no intentions of coaching. I really enjoy what I’m doing, I’m close to the fire, and I’m getting plenty of satisfaction out of doing what I’m doing.”

Coaches who have worked with Gruden have said they think he wants to get back in the game, and that the Rams would be a perfect fit. Also remember, Gruden worked with Jared Goff on his QB Camp show earlier this year, so there’s familiarity there.

Gruden has turned down plenty of NFL interest before, as well as college jobs. He reportedly is ESPN’s highest-paid on-air employee at $6.5 million annually. That’s a head coach’s salary without nearly as much work. When Gruden says he loves his current gig, it’s clear he does, and his FFCA work in Florida is a big-time hobby.

But the Rams have a lot to offer. We’ll see where it goes. As the NFL coaching changes begin soon, bookmark our NFL updates page.

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