Jimbo Fisher explains how he's kept the same staff for 3 straight years

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Tuesday March 21, 2017

Florida State is one of just three Power 5 schools to bring back their entire staff for a third straight season (Michigan State, Northwestern). In a time where turnover is more frequent than ever, why hasn’t Fisher seen much change recently?

He hasn’t seen a reason to make a change on his end, and he knows the value of stability. Given the vast turnover in coaching, the odds of a college player going his whole career with the same position coach are not high. When you do have the continuity, it’s very valuable.

“It lets you know what’s going on, it’s stability, guys get relationships,” Fisher said at FSU practice. “People don’t realize, ‘Change this, change that,’ well that’s all great. Everybody wants change in this world now, but you’re breaking relationships, how a guy’s coached, how a guy’s told what to do, how he knows what the coach wants and all that. It helps when you keep continuity.”

Fisher said it also helps that he has a veteran staff, guys who aren’t always looking for the next job.

“Old, experienced, know what to do,” Fisher said. “Not enamored by all the things, like young players, eyes get giddy and the grass is always greener. They’ve been through that. They’ve won championships, they’ve been in big-time programs. They understand what it’s all about. They know we have a great program.”

The money's been there, too, as the school has stepped up with its assistant salary pool. FSU’s pool of $4.586 million was sixth-highest in the country last year.

“You’ve got to keep fighting that battle. Listen, this is business,” Fisher said. “Our guys don’t run for that, but at the end of the day, you have to be competitive in what you do, because that’s the nature of the business.

“Whether it’s facilities, whether it’s off-field support, that’s the key to helping the kids be the best they can be. Salaries, off-field support, facilities, there are a ton of things. It’s a big commitment, but at the end of the day, it’s what makes all the money.”

He’s willing to make a change if he thinks there should be one. But coming off an Orange Bowl win, and with 16 returning starters this year, his evaluations led to the decision to keep everyone again.

“Just like you do in everything else. If there’s something that needs to be fixed, we’ll fix it,” he said. “But there’s not one of those now, so we feel good about the group we’ve got.”

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