Jeff Brohm explains what he's looking for in Purdue assistants

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Tuesday December 20, 2016

Photo credit: Journal and Courier

Jeff Brohm has still only made one coaching hire to his Purdue staff, and it’s his brother. He’s been in the chair for a few weeks, but he’s taking his time.

Brohm joined Gold & Black Live this week and said he expects to make decisions on assistants between Christmas and New Year’s. He’s interviewed several candidates for jobs, and he’s looking for a veteran staff. A reported salary pool of $3.5 million is a huge boost.

“What I’m trying to do with the guys I’ve talked with is to build an all-star staff,” he said. “A lot of guys who have been in the room and done that, that have an opinion, have been thrown on the fire and can adjust and work together. Sometimes, if you can have more guys in the room with a ton of experience that have been coordinators and done it before, you’ll have more opinions, and it adds value to the room as well.”

There’s been no word on which Western Kentucky assistants could follow other than his brother Brian, who coached QB’s at WKU and will do the same at Purdue. More could follow after Tuesday's bowl game. This past season was Brian’s first as a coach, and while Brohm wants veteran coaches on staff, a young coach at QB provides its own advantage.

Any time you can get a guy that’s just gotten done playing it, he knows the reality of how it works,” Jeff Brohm said. “It’s different than in the book and on the chalkboard and what you’re looking at on tape. Have you been under fire when you’re getting hit? He’s been great at that, because he’s just out of it. He relates well to players, he’s calmer than me, he’s under control.”

There’s also a third Brohm brother. Greg Brohm will follow from WKU as director of football operations. Jeff said Greg’s role is also an analyst-type job, in that he’ll evaluate film from more of an outside perspective.

“He’s going to evaluate our tape at the end of each game, write up what he thinks he sees, even though he doesn’t know our terminology. Basically what he sees from a fan standpoint,” Jeff Brohm said. “‘Why do you keep running up the middle on 3rd-and-short?’ Little things like that when you get caught in the room as a coach and you’re consumed with what you’re doing, yeah, why are we doing that?

“It’s like when the media gives your input. There’s probably a little bit that’s right. He’s going to give the normal fan’s opinion. More than the true operational standpoint, because he was a player as well.” 

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