Hugh Freeze: I brought every staff member in and asked them a question

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday July 14, 2016

Ole Miss is one of just 13 schools to return their entire staff from last season, and it’s the only SEC school without a coordinator change since the 2014 season ended.

To keep the continuity strong, Hugh Freeze met with each staff member to ask what they enjoy about working under him at Ole Miss, and what can be better.

“Excited about our chemistry,” Freeze said Thursday at SEC Media Days. “We just don't have a lot of turnover in our place. Our staffs are happy. I did a little exercise this past year where I brought everyone in the entire building in to ask them to rate, on a scale of 1 to 10, their happiness working here, and the question to that would be, what would make it a 10? And I was really pleased with the results.

“There's some things I need to change to make things a little better. In particular they said my game day management with the coaches, I can be a bit sarcastic, so that's one of my goals to work.”

But much of the questioning directed to Freeze on Thursday involved the ongoing NCAA investigation. He didn’t add any more details, but said they will be held accountable for any wrongdoing that is found and learn from mistakes, and that Ole Miss looks forward to the day they meet with the infractions committee.

Back in 2013, Freeze defiantly tweeted that anyone with proof of violations should contact the Ole Miss compliance office. That tweet was taken down earlier this year. Freeze admitted Thursday that he regrets sending it.

“Yeah. Sometimes you make decisions that probably aren't the sharpest,” he said. “Like I said earlier, I did mean that with sincerity. I really want everyone around our program and everyone within our program to do everything the right way. My parents raised me and Proverbs said a good name is to be desired above great riches.

"When things are that, and above that, I've kind of come to grips with the fact that my name — I'm OK with people that make whatever decisions they make about me. Obviously, I serve a God that I want to make his name great, and so it does bother me with that. So that tweet was — the intent was, man, let's find out what's going on and look into it. Do I regret doing it? Absolutely.”

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