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Posted by: Administrator on Monday September 26, 2016

GamedayConnections.com is a new platform where coaches can stay connected with athletes and others coaches in today’s social game. With Gameday Connections, coaches can build and maintain their networks with coaches and staff, get connected to athletes, share knowledge with each other and get more exposure.

You have the ability to complete detailed profiles and upload instructional videos showcasing your coaching skills on and off the field. With our on-site job board, coaches can search and post open coaching and staff positions as they become available.

Take a look at the benefits:

Regular Season Benefits and Uses include:

  • Build your network for the upcoming or future hiring seasons.
  • Stay connected with old or new coaches and staff members from across the country during the year.
  • Stay up to date with the latest sports trends happening across the country at all levels
  • Share ideas and discussions with others on the latest drills, techniques or problem plays in groups and forums.
  • Create exposure by showcasing your team highlights or your teaching skills on the field or in the classroom with our video section.
  • Connect with athletes from high school to the pros for recruiting purposes.
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 Offseason Benefits and Uses include:

  • Professional development with other coaches if you are unable to attend clinics or conventions.
  • Recruit staff with our recruiter tool that allows you to search member profiles by their coaching or playing backgrounds, positions, certifications, computer and video editing skills and more.
  • Post jobs for any staff positions that you may have open.
  • Get recruited by coaches and athletic directors looking to fill out their staff as well as businesses looking for coaches to fill out management positions during times of transition and more.
  • Search for job openings in sports as well as opportunities in business with those looking to hire someone with a sports background.
  • Connect with athletes from high school to the pros for recruiting.

We know that in life and sports that some of our strongest connections are our Gameday Connections.

So get connected and stay connected for free at GamedayConnections.com.

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