After injury, does Mark Richt regret making quarterbacks live in scrimmage?

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Tuesday April 11, 2017

Mark Richt doesn’t regret making his quarterbacks live in last week’s scrimmage, but he obviously wishes QB Jack Allison wasn’t injured as a result.

Last week, Richt said he would make the quarterbacks live if he didn’t chicken out. He didn’t, and the Miami quarterbacks were sacked as many as eight times. Allison suffered a bruised throwing shoulder and didn’t participate in Tuesday’s practice.

Asked if, looking back, he felt it was the right decision, Richt gave a lengthy response.

“Let’s make everything clear: I don’t ever want a guy to get hurt,” he said. “A cornerback can get hurt, a tackle can get hurt, a running back can get hurt, a receiver, everybody can get hurt in football. My goal was not for anybody to get hurt. My goal was to learn as much as I can about these guys who are competing for the most important job on the team, and the rate we were going, I wasn’t getting a lot of clarity.

“If a quarterback can prove he has mobility or prove he can stand in there and throw a strike when people are barring down on him, that’s part of football. If you’re a pocket passer, you’re going to get hit. If you run, you might get hit. It’s part of football. How do guys react to that? Protection’s not good, OK. Protection’s not good again. Next play, protection’s perfect, am I going to scramble around like a madman because I’m afraid my protection won’t be good the next time?

There are so many things you can learn about a guy. And if you wait until game one and you base your decision on everything but the true reality in football, then you might be making the wrong decision. Then the guy’s in there and you find out he can’t handle it when the bullets are flying, so now I have to make a change after game one. I don’t want anybody to get hurt, but I felt it was the best shot at me learning some of the things I need to learn about these kids.”

Jimbo Fisher said last week that he tells the Florida State defense to “knock the piss out” of his quarterbacks in scrimmage, because that’s how it’s going to be in a game. Most programs don’t make QB’s live, but as Fisher and Richt explained, there are reasons for it. You just hope they don’t get hurt.

As for Allison’s status, Richt said it wasn’t a separated shoulder, as was reported, and he’s working his way back.

“He’s got a bruised shoulder — some people call it a bruise or strain. When the shoulder separates, it comes apart, it did not come apart,” Richt said. “It’s bruised, and it’s sore. He’s already getting his range of motion back, which is good. He’s day by day. I saw him in there this morning doing a lot of (range of motion work) when he couldn’t do that the day before. Things are moving in a good direction, as far as that’s concerned.”

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