Cutcliffe's advice to Peyton Manning, and what he doesn't see Manning doing

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday May 16, 2016

Each summer, you could count on Peyton Manning showing up at Duke to work with David Cutcliffe, but with the QB’s retirement, Peyton's got some free time.

Since Manning announced his retirement, there’s have been reports of TV networks reaching out to him, but the New York Daily News reports he turned down the interest for 2016. Sitting out the season was one thing Cutcliffe advised.

What’s in Manning’s future? Cutcliffe doesn’t know, but he did share his thoughts with the QB, and there’s at least one thing Cutcliffe doesn’t see him doing.

“What I’m really proud of, and Peyton and I talked about this three years ago, what do you do when you walk? The conversation would always come back, and my thoughts were, ‘Take a year off and figure out how to not be an NFL quarterback before you start making decisions,’” Cutcliffe said on ESPN’s Championship Drive podcast. “I think that’s what he’s done.

“He’s going to take the fall off. He’s going to speak and travel a bit, go to some ballgames, enjoy time with his family, his kids are enrolled in kindergarten. How great is that? After that, I think he’d probably tell you he’s not sure. To speculate, even for me, would be hard.”

Bill Polian said Manning could move into a front office role and be successful immediately

As for the talk of Manning becoming a coach, Cutcliffe doesn’t see it.

I don’t see coaching at all ever in his future, but I certainly think there could be involvement in sports, whether it’s broadcasting or administrative or who knows,” Cutcliffe said. “I do know this: He’s really smart to take a year off to let this landscape play itself out. He’s probably already signed with the right people from the advertisement end of things. Because he’s not doing other things, he can think about who he wants to align himself with.

“We’re already seeing an influx of new Nationwide commercials. He’s having fun with it. I think he is somewhat of an actor, but I don’t know if he’d pursue that. He’s really good at it.”

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