Dan Quinn: 'I don't let anyone else motivate me and our club'

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday June 08, 2016

The Atlanta Falcons face an uphill battle in 2016, but Dan Quinn doesn’t want to hear it.

In Quinn’s first season, the Falcons started 6-1, but they finished 2-7 down the stretch. In 2016, they have a schedule that includes seven teams that made the playoffs last year, and back-to-back West Coast games.

As a result, the Falcons are only favored in three games by gaming analytics firm CG Technology (vs. Bucs, vs. Chargers and vs. 49ers). Quinn was asked about that this week, but made it clear none of that enters his mind. It doesn’t go up on a bulletin board.

“I don’t let anyone else’s comments motivate me and our club. It’s going to be about us and our team,” he said. “We don’t let anyone outside our room dictate how we’re going to play or how we’re supposed to feel. We’re going to attack it with everything we’ve got.”

Those 49ers are not favored in any game.

Heading into his second year as a head coach, Quinn says he has a much clearer vision of what it takes, learning both from the hot start and poor finish.

Training camps begin in mid-July, and the mandatory minicamps are this week and next. With limited time to work in the offseason, every bit matters.

“I don’t know if it’s easier, but it’s clearer,” Quinn said of his second time around. “We certainly have a vision of how we’d like our team to play. With that toughness, with that attitude, the togetherness for them, the brotherhood it takes, articulating it better to the club, that part is more clear. I have a better understanding of the players. I have a better understanding of what they can do.

You have to go through a season to find out what someone’s strengths are. Every one of us came into the offseason with things to improve upon. That came from the coaches as well. They had certain things they wanted to work on. We’re working like crazy to keep doing that. We have this week and the minicamp next week to iron out some of those things before training camp.”

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