Dan Quinn reveals the 4 objectives in first training camp speech to Falcons

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday July 27, 2017

Dan Quinn may never get over the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots, but as 2017 training camp opened, he laid out four objectives for the team.

There was a staff overhaul in the offseason, Steve Sarkisian is the new offensive coordinator after Kyle Shanahan left, but the reigning MVP is back, and the Super Bowl is the expectation again.

The Falcons released a video of Quinn’s opening speech. It's a new season and a new team, but you can see how some of these goals can relate to that Super Bowl:

“Camp objectives: Where are we? One of the very best things, in terms of goals, is going to be right here. Can we be the best attacking team in ball? It’s the way we come off the ball when we’re running 18 to 19. It’s the way we can rush the passer with four when you need to. It’s the way you put your foot in the ground when you run a route. That’s attacking. It’s the way you rip it, Matt, to get the ball to the right spot. It’s aggressive.

Next one: Can we have the best turnover margin in football? What a huge challenge that is for us. Defense, can you go after it with all you’ve got? To help every single guy on our team to know. Is it part of your responsibility for the ball, (offensive tackle) Ryan Schraeder? Hell yeah, it is. Jake (Matthews)? Yep. Easily. (Center) Alex Mack, every time you handle it. Defensively, every time , we’re going to get the ball back. We love some three-and-outs, don’t we? No, we don’t. We love one-and-out. We love going after the ball on this play. Every single chance we go, we’re going after it.

Can we be the most poised team in end-of-half situations? That’s defensively, offensively, two-minute, four-minute, gotta punt when we’re backed up, it’s finishing. That one, for sure is going to be there.

The last one is the mindset to go after the NFC South. It’s going to take all we’ve got for all the way through. You’ve got to battle for it. Those are our objectives, coming into camp.”

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