Dabo talks about impressive streak: It's Bama, Oregon, OSU, and Clemson

Posted by: Pete Roussel on Tuesday October 29, 2013

Though Clemson has lost just one game, it almost seems like the season is over for the Tigers. 

Despite a blowout loss at home Florida State, Dabo Swinney put things in perspective today just how far the Clemson program has come.

Swinney said, “We’ve got the longest road streak in 35 years.  If that was easy to do, then how come it’s been 35 years? But nobody wants to talk about that or give our guys credit for that, the consistency that they’ve play with on the road.

“How about the fact that we’ve had 15 straight wins over unranked opponents by double-digits?  Only one other team has a streak like that, and that’s Alabama.  To me, that’s consistency.

“And then for me, the two I’m personally most proud of is that this team has been ranked for 39 week and there is only six other teams in the country that can say that.  It’s hard to maintain that kind of consistency, but that is what we have to be as a program.  We have to become a consistent program that handles success and handles failure. Go to the next game.  Focus on what you can control.   I’m proud of them.  We’ve been in the Top 15 for 21 weeks.  The school record is 25 (weeks).  But the one that I’m most proud of is we’ve been in the Top 10 for 10 weeks.  If you look at the Top 10 streaks, that is hard to do.  We’re the fourth longest streak in the country – Alabama, Oregon, Ohio State, and Clemson.  Florida State is behind us.  It’s hard to maintain that and there is a lot of pressure that comes with that.  Expectations, but that’s what we want. We want to be a team that people expect to be the best.  That’s how we want our players to think, that’s how we want and our fans to think, and that’s how we can to perform.  The consistency that we’ve been able to develop has been remarkable.  The credit goes to our players and our coaches.”

Though an ACC championship doesn’t look possible, there is plenty to play for over the next month.  Clemson plays at Virginia, Georgia Tech, The Citadel, and at South Carolina.  

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