Craig Bohl talks decision to accept Wyoming head coaching job

Posted by: Pete Roussel on Sunday December 08, 2013

During his weekly Sunday morning coaches’ show, Craig Bohl talked about his decision to accept the head coaching job at Wyoming.

Here is what Bohl told KFGO 790 in Fargo this morning:

“There were discussions that were ongoing during the course of the week. I had very limited contact at all.  My thought was to do everything we could to get our football team prepared to beat Furman and I think the results showed that. 

“They’re not easy times. NDSU is a very special place in my heart.  There has been 11 years that I have invested here.  A lot has gone on.  That’s kind of the timeline.  Believe me; you had a football team and football staff that was focused to beat Furman.

On the timing…

“There is no perfect time, but I can tell you the No. 1 goal is the 2013 Bison, for us to take this football team as far as we can go.  There may be all kinds of emotions and I certainly have tons of emotions in my heart, but this is about this collective team.”

Why Wyoming?

“I personally have always been very comfortable and liked that region of the country.  My family has gone on many vacations and I’ve traveled out there when I was in grade school and high school.  But there is a whole host of things.  I do want you to know, though, that this is a very special place at North Dakota State.”

“This has been an investment by Gene Taylor and myself and a whole lot of other people through the years. There comes a point when you look and say the program has gone as far as what I, as a head football coach, can take that program.  No one really knows that other than the head football coach.  There’s lots of dynamics that goes into these decisions.  It’s a complicated question.  It’s not an easy answer, but I can tell you that once you feel like you’re work is completed, and then it’s time for you as the leader to step aside and let somebody else take some chances.”

On the decision…

“I had told Gene a long time ago that my No. 1 goal was to win a national championship. Well, we’ve won two and we’re in the process of trying to secure three.  That’s what goes through every head coaches mind.  It was a thoughtful process.  No easy decisions and one that there is a lot of conviction.”

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