Chris Spielman: If a scout said that about an Alabama player, I'd fire him

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday May 03, 2017

Alabama once again was near the top in NFL Draft picks, but the annual question of whether or not players get too beat up at Alabama also lingered. Chris Spielman says it’s nonsense.

The former linebacker and current Fox Sports analyst joined SiriusXM College Sports Nation and said Alabama provides NFL-like experience you don’t get many other places.

“Nick Saban’s job is to win for Alabama. Nick Saban’s job is not to protect guys for the NFL,” Spielman said. “Alabama does fine in getting players drafted in the NFL. If you know you’re going to draft an Alabama kid, you’re going to get a tough kid, you’re going to get a kid that understands how to take tough coaching, and you’re going to get a kid that knows how to win.

“So if I were a GM and one of my scouts said that, I’d fire him on the spot. Come on.”

NFL teams keep drafting Alabama players, so they clearly aren’t scared off too much.

“I don’t believe in that at all,” former Bucs GM Mark Dominik told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “These kids are built. I’ve drafted kids from Alabama who have held up just fine. So I don’t worry about that. I don’t mind that a guy has been coached hard, too.”

Saban has resented the notion and says it’s never been brought up by NFL teams. He believes it’s just part of negative recruiting. Year after year, Alabama is among the leaders in the NFL Draft picks, and that’ll continue to happen.

“We had the lowest injury rate of any team in our conference, which is the only way to measure it. I think a lot of those things are not even true,” Saban said last year.

“When you talk to NFL teams, none of them ever say that to me. I don’t know where that came from. Eddie Lacy comes out and is rookie of the year as a running back. Where’s the wear and tear? …  I have heard people in the media say that before, but I haven’t heard anybody in the NFL actually say that.”

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