Chart: Every BCS Top 15 team is allowing fewer than 23 points per game

Posted by: Pete Roussel on Tuesday October 22, 2013

42 teams in college football are averaging at least 75 offensive snaps per game this season.  Of the 42 teams, only 9 teams are limiting opponents to fewer than 21 points per game.

Of the BCS Top 15 teams, only four teams are allowing greater than 21 points per game.  Those teams include LSU (22.6), Missouri (22.1), Auburn (22), and Clemson (21.1). You could also look at as all Top 15 teams are allowing fewer than 23 points per game.

The general belief is that the greater number of offensive snaps leads to your own defense allowing more points, which makes me wonder how in the world the Texas Tech defense is allowing just 18 points per game, given the Red Raiders have snapped the ball an average of 89 times per game on offense.

Clemson and Texas Tech are the only Top 15 teams that are averaging at least 80 snaps a game, although both Baylor and UCLA are right behind with 79 snaps per game. 

A year ago, Alabama snapped the ball 65 times per game.  The Crimson Tide is averaging the exact same number this season.  

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