Chart: 10 schools have produced 4 straight seasons of 6 yards per play

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday March 22, 2017

Some takeaways

- Seven of these teams have also scored at least 30 points per game in 4 straight years: Baylor, Boise State, FSU, Ohio State, Oregon, Toledo and WKU.

- Ohio State and Oregon’s ypp has dropped in each of the past three years, while Western Kentucky’s has not only increased in four straight years, but increased every year since 2010.

- Of the 40 combined seasons, only three missed a bowl game, but all of those came in 2016, with Ole Miss, Notre Dame and Oregon falling short last year.

- Seven of these teams will have a new play-caller in 2017: Baylor (Glenn Thomas or Jeff Nixon), Boise State (Zak Hill), Ole Miss (Phil Longo), Notre Dame (Chip Long), Ohio State (Kevin Wilson), Oregon (Willie Taggart) and WKU (Junior Adams).

- As for the six 2016 play-callers at new schools in 2017: Kendal Briles (FAU OC), Mike Denbrock (Cincinnati OC), Ed Warinner (Minnesota OL), Matt Lubick (Washington co-OC) and Jeff Brohm (Purdue HC).

- Oregon’s and USC’s streaks go back to 2008, and Baylor’s goes back to 2010.

- Oregon is the only program at least 6.5 ypp in the last four years, which goes back to 2010.

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