Bret Bielema reveals 'The Arkansas Way'

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday August 01, 2013

While at Wisconsin, Bret Bielema used the motto “1-0” everywhere in the program.

Since coming to Arkansas, he has continued to use that, including while responding to Twitter haters.

On Thursday, Bielema tweeted a graphic about 1-0 and “The Arkansas Way.”  Here’s what it reads:


We approach success one detail at a time.

Just as every championship is won 1 GAME AT A TIME, individual games are won 1 PLAY, 1 POSSESSION, and 1 QUARTER AT A TIME. Similarly, practice is won 1 DRIL AT A TIME, and every workout is won with each day and every rep; 1 AT A TIME.

In order to expect championship results, you must first be able to attack any opportunity to improve yourself as if your entire career depends on it. Playing on Sundays does not come without success on Saturdays, and success on Saturdays only comes with victories EACH AND EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.

Only when you are able to take on the individual tasks with a singular focus and intensity, will you truly succeed as a student athlete at the elite level. Our coaching staff’s entire philosophy is dedication to establishing this level of focus within all of our players.


That starts by developing fundamentally sound players and molding mentally strong men. We need men that are willing to work to become the best student athletes they can be. Whether it be in the classroom, in the community, on the practice field, or on gameday, we need men that are willing to win at each and every opportunity they get.




I’m thinking the 2014 part is because this is sent to recruits, but this is a great mantra.

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