Brady Hoke: I'm sick of seeing the Clowney hit

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday August 01, 2013

When SEC coaches went through the ESPN “Car Wash” a few weeks ago, Will Muschamp said he referred to Ohio State as “Ohio,” because he’s a big Brady Hoke fan.

Hoke has long called the Buckeyes “Ohio,” and it has balanced out OSU referring to Michigan as “The School Up North.”

The Big Ten coaches are at ESPN this week, and Hoke joined First Take, where they played the Muschamp clip for him.

“Will’s a tremendous football coach,” Hoke said with a smile. “He’s a defensive guy. I’m a defensive guy. We have some mutual friends. Since 10 years old, I’ve been saying ‘Ohio,’ so it’s hard to break it.”

Something Michigan folks have seen enough of is Jadeveon Clowney’s big hit on U-M running back Vincent Smith in the Outback Bowl, probably the most-replayed play of last season.

The play is the focus of new targeting rules, with some believing it would be a penalty, and other saying it wouldn’t. Despite the play happening against his team and player, Hoke doesn’t want it to be a penalty.

“There’s a lot of subjectiveness to how these things are going to be called,” he said. “I think replay will have a big part in it. We needed some rules for safety issues in our game, to some degree, and teaching the proper techniques and fundamentals. Would I have called that? No, I would not have. The guy made a heck of a football play. I give Vince a little credit, too, because he jumped right back up.”

Still, Hoke doesn’t need to see the replay anymore.

“I know that (Smith is) sick of it. I’m sick of seeing it,” Hoke joked. “We understand it makes for good TV.”

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